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Reviews for "Duplicator"


cool style of gameplay , graphics are nice , sounds and music good . But i just can't help one thing - the fact that i can't return through doors or walk into doors by pressing button , it walks me through doors automaticaly even though i don't want to =D

isn't loading correctly

It shows the mochi games loading bar, the title image, but i don't see any "buttons" to start the game, and there is no music.

its great!

i love the music especialy. the music makes you feel..sad, lonely, and hopefull at the same time. the graphics are simple, but still amazing because of that. But it sorta reminds me of 'KLOM' in some ways.

9 OUT OF 10



I just let it run on the title menu for like an hour because the music was so relaxing :3
Good game :)