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Reviews for "Duplicator"

quite good

for a 2d cubeist platformer its quite original congrats everyone has said but love the music thats what kept me playing so glad you didnt opt for a more fitting 4-bit sound track

z3lf responds:

I wanted to keep a relaxed atmosphere in the game.


i got stuck where the door is like Right to the right. but its addicting and fun. i like the music too.

How odd

This was an odd little game, because I had little idea as to what was going on. I guess I still have to give it credit for being original, even if I could not understand it. There were times when it seemed like you had to click something to advance through the door. Previously, it worked just fine by doing nothing. The music was good and it creates a good, spooky atmosphere. Another cool thing was the design of the character.

There are a lot of things going on in a game that seems so peaceful. I must have pressed something because I started being able to use the arrow keys. It takes awhile to get used to, but can be fun when you get everything down right. It was weird how you kept the score with the points deterring as it went along. I guess that'll just encourage me to solve it faster.

z3lf responds:

It was interesting to read.
Thanks all.

Fun game

I loved the art style and the concept of the game. I didn't go through the whole game but it was very enjoyable as I played. I also found the music to be addictive and pleasing to my ears.

Not bad

Quite relaxing, and the music rocks.