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Reviews for "Duplicator"

Good game, bad engrish.

I can tell it's a good game, but the poor translating is preventing me from being drawn in. The music's also freaking me out.. as I'm writing this...

Really innovative!

I can't believe cloning objects hasn't been done in a puzzle platformer before, and I commend you for thinking of it. You manage to mix so many mechanics that could do great by themselves, but work even better together. One thing I would suggest, and this may not even apply(as I haven't finished the game yet), is adding some sort of story to it. "Go find your pet" isn't enough for me. I want to know what it is I'm playing as, what the setting is, and why this character has these abilities. Not every game needs a story, but I find that when a game can tell a great story that ties into its mechanics, it goes beyond greatness. But gameplay is certainly top priority and you did an outstanding job.

Amazing and Unique

Awesome game, different than other crap that is on newgrounds

pretty good!

most annoying part is no color :P do that i give you 10

I love it!

I love how my house is huge, full of spikes, and doors and platforms that require switches and buttons to work :)