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Reviews for "Little Noah Saves The Wor"

lol, To Many Sheep

I did have fun kicking sheep and scaling walls. I can't help but wonder why you'd use sheep since sheep is what they call the followers of Jesus right> He's the Shepard or something like that?

Well this was fun, and the water rising levels always give a mini adrenaline rush. I was surprised that it was kind of short, I thought there were going to be many more levels. Also at the cloud level I was kind of hoping to meet God face to face, or is the cloud supposed to be God?

zeropolaritybear responds:

Well, God is everywhere and he (or she? or it?) is everything, so the cloud could be God, find the answer with your faith.
The game was made for a 48 hours competition so we didn't have time to make more levels. We'll probably do a large update (or a sequel? :D).
Thank you!

Very entertaining

Good work, that was fun! And very origional concept, and funny. Good game. One thing though, where's the crappy underwater level? I thought that was 8-bit law to have a crappy boring underwater level... ;) Just kidding, good job, great 8-bit

zeropolaritybear responds:

The crappy underwater level will be in the sequel! :D
Thank you for this wonderful review!

Noah kicks ass!

Pretty fun! The controls took me a little while to get used to. For some reason, I felt like Z should have been jump and X kick, but that's just a personal gripe for whatever reason. Once I got the hang of it, I had no trouble kicking those sheep into oblivion.

Keep it up!

zeropolaritybear responds:

Well, some people have QWERTZ keyboard and can't play the game, so you're actually pretty lucky!
Anyway, thank your for this review!
(Try to press C once and walk... Easter Egg!)