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Reviews for "Little Noah Saves The Wor"


Quite a funny game idea,made with a nice retro feeling.


wow what a fun game good job

fun and funny

it'd be cool if god had more things to say when you kick the sheep, and maybe some kind of boss sheep.

zeropolaritybear responds:

The boss sheep is a wonderful idea :D


It was fun kicking the sheep around, its the kind of thing you want to do in real life but get in trouble for it, and after you do it you feel bad for the poor sheep, not here even GOD himself encourages to kick those goats!
ANY WAYS! the fact that you had an end in the game with in 5 mins was nice, there are not many games that have that now, over all i give it an 8/10, could make it more fun by adding some weapons.



It was short but very funny, the concept is just hilarious and the voice acting made me smile while playing. Catchy music too.
Also I think I've discovered the third power: God says "I'll grant you three powers" but you have only wall and double jumping, the third power is activated pressing C and is... moonwalking!??

zeropolaritybear responds:

Someone found the easter egg! :D
Thank you for the review!