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Reviews for "Little Noah Saves The Wor"

Hmm, the book's better

I was hoping for the game to be more Noahish. When I think Noah, I think huge friggin' flood, huge friggin' ark, and a lot of friggin' animals. This had a man kicking sheep, which is great, but it's not Noah.

But whatever. I like a good simple game where you get to commit violence against innocent animals, and have a great booming voice egg you on.

zeropolaritybear responds:

You know, we wanted to make a game very Noahish but we was running out of time (was made for a 48 hours competition) so we thought "well, we have a noah sprite and a sheep sprite, let's make something different!".
Thank you for the review :)

Fluid, but should be longer

Fluid controls but as some have pointed out, could have been longer.
great effort though.

A timed challenge could be included if you decide to make another platformer since you cant lose in this game.

Good Kick

Awesome game!

zeropolaritybear responds:

Good Review! [Quote from God]


I like the graphics and the music is awesome, but the gameplay just sucks. Great concept and everything but the jumps are horrible and the screen moves way to fast. In the end i was just rubbing my eyes.


I send this to a bunch of friends,so... LOL'ed it.nonsense and awesome 8D