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Reviews for "Rizk"

Great Game

Excellent way to represent cost-benefit situations as well as risk vs. rewards. A very entertaining and educational game.
@biosfreak: Just because you get a black screen doesn't make it a bad game. Sure you can get angry but giving a useless review and a low rating only mollifies your temporary fit and makes you look like an idiot.

I like it :)

And I'm going to play it at that other website. I do wish you had some kind of bonus level, a level that you can fight back them spores with some kind of weapons. That would have been just excellent :)


this game rocks! just that, if only those defenders had guns on them, this would'a rocked the newgrounds world \m/ really, every part where I can collect resources, there are those darn spores..weapons are the best way to fend them off :) but nice game anyway..GUNS!! put some GUNS in'em! and if guns don't work, make them defenders cheaper!!

Pretty fun

But I dislike the massive spike in the difficulty curve at the third level. Also, why can't we just have a visual of the whole map rather than having to use our mouse to see certain areas? It's like an RTS and how you have to use the mouse to control the camera. The difference is the maps here aren't that large, so we don't need a moving camera. A fixed one works just fine.

I'd say just more levels to pan out the difficulty curve and better camera and you have yourself a sold 10/10. Otherwise, 7/10. Good work though.