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Reviews for "ZombieMurderExplosionDie"

lets make lemonaid

lol better den what i can do so i cant hate just make it as KICK-A-A-AASSS...
as possible


i migth actually see a movie like this
seriously, like zombiland what a great mivie=P

need some changes :P

well the animation its not that great if you are animating this it will be more cooler, i like that humor in this show :), the trailer was blah i now that its a n introduction to the show but i was hoping for a better trailer like for example show stuff that happen before the zombie apocalypse like if you are watching the tv and they are telling you watch DAWN OF THE MADNESS and you will se what im trying to look to stick in this show, and well develope more the character dont let them be the stereotipical zombie sorvivals, the hero, the girl, the asshole, the old man badass, and well i think a could stick to this show if its not the tipical internet series that every episode its different make a story watch unforgotten realms every episode its part of their jorney and epic things happen, make your series like that :D make it like a tv show, and well change the title of the series its look like a list of what will be on the show make more epic, if this changes could be made i think everyone will watch this show :D

Awesome, just awesome...

Dude you should actually make that a series or something, it would be Awesome!!!

lets make lemonade

i loved the part with the pins on his hand i was like: dude.. this... is... AW3S0M3