Reviews for "Burrito Bison"

Great game

Old concept, but one of the best I think.

best time: 1:18:20

and that without all the upgrades XD

Love it.

probly one of the better games where you throw your character as far as you can :) loved it. needs more upgrades next time lol, i got all of them quickly.

It's sure an awesome game.

The special gummies were the best thing in game, in my opinion, and for me, it's wasn't too hard completing th game after all, anyway, everything in the game is good.this game is really awesome.


oh man... i played this for hours lol

ok animation is Superb i might add, and the game just fett good as a whole.. one guy mentioned releasing this as an app.. yes id gladly pay to play this on the go!!!

More addicting than Cocaine! D:

Excellent game, very addictive! Great 2d Graphics and music ^^