Reviews for "Burrito Bison"


01:08:20 XD

I really love this game

this is not another "launch somebody"-game. i loved the theme, the worlds and all the powerups but the chili, it didnt make much sense to me. I REALLY LOVED THE DOORS wow that was one amazing creative thing you put in the game. alone the idea to put in some doors is awesome as hell, but the animation the guy actually kicking through the door with awesome effects was really neat. what i didnt like that much were the rockets, they were too slow and didnt really accelerate you much so that i always used the candy meteor thing to get some speed by just pressing the mousebutton down. heck even the bubble gave more bonus speed than the rocket if you clicked 3 times!

but all in all the game is nearly perfect, keep it up!

Graphics: 4/4
Music: 2/2
Gameplay overall: 4/4

this is hardcore right here

Awesome!!!!! I feel ripped!!!!!. Great anaimation and graphics, love the music. I couldn't stop playing until I got all the achievments. So addicting.


This game entertained me for 1 hour and 43 minutes. It was AMAZING and I played it until the end. YOU can play this for FREE! IT DOESN"T MAKE SENSE DO IT DO IT!


I think everyone did, haha. All of them are basically the same and we all love them because we are addicted. Great game btw, 10/10 5/5