Reviews for "Burrito Bison"

This Game

Best game I have played ever!!!!!


this game go to my favorits

Another Epic Toss Game

This is another great "Toss" game that will stand among the other heavyweights such as Toss The Turtle and *Flight* (And Nanaca Crash)

Great first game, shame the second one is bugged =[

Oh yes, I finally got around to play this. Even after such a long time, it's still amazing.
I love how fast-paced and intense it gets later on, it's also really epic and breathtaking when your pants are hot ( wow, how great I just wrote that ) and you ride a rocket, then get tossed right up into the sky and come down as a meteorite and destroy everybody!
Great! I also got all the achievements. "MIX THE FLAVOURS" and "PANTS ON FIRE" were quite tricky tho. I'll check the sequel out soon :^)