Reviews for "Burrito Bison"

Pretty awesome.

this and its sequal are amazing games, defo ones for the favs list

LOVE the whole concept.


the items are very expensive and i find the procedure of buying them very boring.

This is pretty addictive. My best is 1:12:20 and I'm tryna get 1:10:00. Great game you got here.

The money upgrading is horrible. It is something that seems to plague most of these games and here it is even worse, I have been doing 20 minutes solid of constant runs just to get the final money upgrade, as when there is such an upgrade it is stupid NOT to get it since it overall saves time but that doesn't mean it is good! The money upgrades should not exist and I wish for once people would grasp that it just wastes time. The rest of the game is fine, but that single huge problem made me unwilling to finish this game.