Reviews for "Burrito Bison"

Great game, i remember playing this years back before i got onto Burrito Bison Revenge. Still such an amazing game.

Oh yes, I finally got around to play this. Even after such a long time, it's still amazing.
I love how fast-paced and intense it gets later on, it's also really epic and breathtaking when your pants are hot ( wow, how great I just wrote that ) and you ride a rocket, then get tossed right up into the sky and come down as a meteorite and destroy everybody!
Great! I also got all the achievements. "MIX THE FLAVOURS" and "PANTS ON FIRE" were quite tricky tho. I'll check the sequel out soon :^)

one of the best games in here. got all medals and my best was one minute and 2 seconds

Still good after 6 years

I played this game a long time ago. i'm in a nostalgic mood. :)