Reviews for "Burrito Bison"


I knew I had played stuff by you before and it turned out to be that "Dale & Peakout" game. I thought for a moment that you were the same guy who made the "Ching Chong Beautiful" game. I guess the style just reminded me of it somehow. Anyway, this was fun to play because it was yet another new twist on the slingshot genre of games! I had no idea what was coming up, really. Giant gummie bears that a bull person smashes, now that's innovative!

The music was also quite epic and gave you a feeling of wanting to do on. There are powerups and such as usual, which can get annoying with how it takes to get them. What matters is that you are motivated to continue playing to see what happens next. I love how fearful the gummy bears look as they run away. It sure makes it easier to stay flying than some other games like these.


I've just found an major bug...every time I destroy the first gate, the money keeps raising insanely(more than $48,000,000 in a few seconds or so) and the character continue to fly infinitely. You should look into that. Other than this, great game...really!


Great smooth graphics, sweet tune, overall excellent game play. Thank you for this nice piece of art!

Nicely done

Wasn't quite sure what to expect after feed the king... This wasn't it.

Simple, yet....Eleganza.....

A simple "Launch and see how far you go game".

But so much more...

The art and animation is solid and defined, the upgrades aren't absurdly high to purchase, and GUMMI Bears, who doesn't love gummi bears? Overall this game is a rehash, but a very well done rehash.