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I was supposed to play League of Legends!! >8O

That's right, I rather played this than LoL. XD Isnt there enough of these games already?? ...Well now there is! :D Was starting to ponder on dumping this and go on to LoL but then BAM! I hit a door! 8O usually these kind of games never ends... this seem to be different! + I allways enjoy good music that I NEVER get tired of listening to! Will continue and explore this now....

For a full excellent review of what I and probably many others think what is awesome about this game: Read the comment before this one, written by Jdietz43 who pretty much have said it all already :x


this game is incredible, congratulations for this game is cool !!!

Launch Game Perfection

If I had to peg one "Launcher" flash game as the golden pedestal all other launch games should shoot for... your game just became it. This game had it all, literally had it all. A zany story, bright vibrant colors, interaction with the launched... everything.

Launch games just feed that human need to "See what happens this time", and this does that oh so well. You had an interesting story/premise that gave you room to work, colorful Luchador gets pulled into a gummy bear candy land and has to bounce and squish his way to freedom? Epic. But enough gawking, let me tell you all the things you did right itemized:

First off, this game looks awesome. It doesn't leave players any room for initial doubt on the question "is this game good?", it just tells them straight away "Yes, yes we are". You look around at the scenery and everything is just, well, interesting. There's something to be seen everywhere you look, and the bright colors just make the whole candy land atmosphere complete. Some people will try and avoid colors... and let me tell you that that's a mistake. Colors are awesome, and used right, will never detract from a game. Little details also count for oh so much. The poses and different angles of attack Bison goes for on each bounce, the triumphant pose the Cop Gummy strikes when he catches you, the little paddy wagon that takes you back (good for both a laugh and continuity), the jawbreaker punch if you time it right, the way you break through the doors with a manly kick... they're all things that don't seem all that important in the grand scheme of the game, but added together it's what makes the difference between a "good" game and the kind of game you drag your friends to see. Put it all together with that spot on music choice, and you've got a heck of an atmosphere.

Now besides how visually and mentally appealing it is, it's also engaging. Launch games are only as fun as long as your attention lasts, and interacting with the launch process is key. You start if off right with a timed catapult, and a lot of games stop there. But that only holds for as long as the initial stages of launch. The slam? Necessary, but still not what really made this great. It was the bears, and the unique way you interacted with each. Too many games have X Y and Z hazard that each have an effect on your gameplay, but very few have a system where those hazards also correspond to an action you should be doing. It keeps the player 100% focused on what's happening in the game. There's never a moment where you go "Oh, I guess my fuel ran out... I'll just sit back for a minute until I crash and can restart". There's always something to do, be it aiming for special gummies, using the one you just got, or just avoiding that cop for one last bounce.

And the game is always expanding at JUST the right rate. Just when you feel like maybe the arena is getting boring *BOOM* you crash into the first gate, and then all you can think about is what's on the other side. The next area is even bigger than the first, and by now you've got some power-ups... etc. As soon as you've settled for what you've already seen you've got something new to look at or look forward to hitting. You almost didn't even need achievements, but hell you even had those too. Just the gate system itself was developing genius. Not only was it a good way to make things fresh, but it also served as an obstacle in and of itself "You must be this tall to ride". Even once you've cleared the game and are lying triumphant on the grocery store floor with every upgrade you're not quite done, there's a time to beat and you just know you have to try to do it.

I mean dang. I don't laud a lot of games, in fact a lot of my reviews are harsh notes on what could be improved. But for this game all I could think of was "The sound effect when I bought an upgrade was icky." That's it. I don't know if this was a one man project, or if there was a team involved. But whoever you are go ahead and give yourself/selves a couple pats on the back.

And when you're done: Burrito Bison 2

JuicyBeast responds:

Wow, that was an awesome review my friend! Thanks a lot :D

fuck yea

played this for thbree hours, best game ever

Why I hate games like these.

They're just... Too dang fun.

The music, the sheer stupid fun of smushing gummy bears with some mexican wrestler. Rockets in his pants? No problem. Bubblegum, balloons and giant gingerbread doors.

Why did I spend four hours playing this? I have no clue. But I know that I was laughing the whole way.