Reviews for "Burrito Bison"

balancing need

the police hit you way way too hard, you need to tone them down a bit in exchange for maybe one or two more negative things around. I don't really know about this game tbh, something is missing, I got bored after a while, maybe its just the sheer lack on control you really have unless you go at fuck all speed. Once you really get going you don't know what the hell is below you until your a foot from the ground then you hit it and go back up to not knowing again. Arts kind of nice, concept isn't the most original in the world it has to be said, music is alright but gets repetetive, maybe different music for the 3 zones or something? But not much changes between zones really, maybe having different types of specials in each zones or something would have been better, as it is all that changes is the colour of the generic gummies and you never really notice the background anyway, it all just gets blurred by the speed. The opening is probably the hardest i've seen, hitting that guy is a real pain to get right.

Its alright but a bit lacking, addictive but not as much as others.


...its....pure....pure...pure...awsom ness...must play......cant...stop


Gameplay: 10/10 & 5/5, The gameplay, as you stated, was very simplistic but fun the whole time. The upgrade system was great, but i would suggest maybe lowering the prices on the higher level upgrades just a tad.

Controls: 9/10 & 5/5, The controls were very easy to pick up and use, especially since you didn't have to press any button other than the mouse and/or space bar. The only problem i encountered was a small amount of occurrences where the rocket slam didn't work properly when i pressed the spacebar/mouse,but this isn't a major problem.

Story: 9/10 & 5/5, Even though it was short, it was interesting and creative. I also like how you set it up as a comic strip.

Music: 10/10 & 5/5, The music went perfectly with the situation and is fun, catchy, and epic at the same time. I just want to suggest making the loop a little less noticeable by maybe allowing it to get softer at the end and then build up to the beginning of the loop so it sounds more natural.

Graphics/Scenery: 10/10 5/5, The graphics were very nice throughout the whole game and they gave that happy-go-lucky candy land feel, while the music took care of the rest. Kudos to you also for not being lazy with the stadium level and filling it with a bunch of dots for gummy bears.

Extras: None

Final Verdict: 10/10 & 5/5

This game was very nicely made and i can tell you took the time to work out almost every glitch. Other than being fun to play, it was addicting and hard to walk away from. The gameplay was easy to understand and control, and the perfect blend music as well as graphics made the game great. If it weren't for the tiny glitches i mentioned earlier, this game would be perfect. I can't wait to play other games of yours in the future.

P.S. Congrats on making #1 on the weekly top 5!

It's sure an awesome game.

The special gummies were the best thing in game, in my opinion, and for me, it's wasn't too hard completing th game after all, anyway, everything in the game is good.this game is really awesome.

Good yet hard

I found this to be a pretty fun game although it is simple to play it is hard to get lots of money until after the player buys about two basis upgrades for the bison trying to escape from the bag known as candy land. I bought the rubber and bounce boost for starters so that I could last a bit longer whenever I clicked and bounced on a gummy bear,bomb, or paragummy.

The graphics are very nice and the way that the gummies and bombs randomly generate is similar to that of Toss the Turtle or Kitten Cannon which were also games like this as well. The things that separate this game from them though is that you can bounce as many times as you wish until you miss hitting a gummy then you might wish to let off for a bit to see if you can get lucky and have a gummy pass by for you to bounce off of.

I really loved the audio choice here is well. The song seemed very fitting along with the sound effects of hitting the gummies and the ground and other things.

The store is excellent but there is only one thing I hate about it a lot. The fact that after you buy an item that some other items increase in price when you have not even bought them in the first place. I found that to be a bit unfair actually as you now have to earn double the amount to buy that item which should not have increased in price.

The game play was very nice and I really enjoyed playing this game a lot though. Although it is a bit of a stand alone copy of Toss the Turtle and Kitten Cannon featuring a bison. It is different with the launch bar being a radial jackpot type thing where the top star gives the biggest boost and the star at the bottom gives the smallest boost instead.

Overall, a very nice game although the store does irritate me a bit. Great job on this.