Reviews for "Blogsies 01"



full points yet again.

I didn't think the lack or inclusion of subtitling was a big problem since you can get that in you-tube as the feature anyway. This flash just makes it easier to read since its right on the screen and you don't have to make your eyes jump up and down in you-tube to read and see at the same time.

Fun stuff man. Keep it going!



Speaking hebrew finally comes in handy

That's great

It's a good animation. Only one thing. "In love" is 2 words!

i thought this was fantastic.

although i cannot speak hebrew, you did a great job emphasising the funniest bits through dialougue and animation. i really want to see more of these.

I enjoyed this very much.

I enjoyed this. :)
You did very well, because even though you would think a language barrier would cause a problem, it doesn't.
To me, this is because of your animation and voice-acting. You put the emotion/"exaggerations" in the right places, and the animation adds to that by making it easier to understand. The animation, I suppose, being the other visual-aid besides the subtitles.

I hope to see another one of these someday! :)