Reviews for "Blogsies 01"

I had flashbacks to hebrew school

I did.

OMG, i think my brain is going to explode

No im just kidding, your movies are always the best Yotam Perel (:D)(-( !

i thought this was fantastic.

although i cannot speak hebrew, you did a great job emphasising the funniest bits through dialougue and animation. i really want to see more of these.

Errrrr.... wha-?

WTF?? im not sure what i just watched but it did make me laugh...

Lol, for real?

"I don't know how this one is going to be received cause it's Hebrew with subtitles.
These are all real blogs directly translated, dubbed and animated"

---since the author posted it I re-thought my response-I cant believe these blogs---so I dont-without proof.....I mean come on....but just the thought that some people would think, do and write that stuff has to make you choke if not laugh at people's eccentricities....some people do some unbelievably silly, naive or just crazy stuff so said stuff might as well be shared for a laugh.