Reviews for "Blogsies 01"

That was adorable!

The art,the picked blog, the aspect, and everything else. It was awesome!

oh well.

i wish i can speak that fluently!!
Any way, this is a great little animation!! with a bunch of humor put into it!!.

I love your animations

Seriously, you are really great at getting expressions and emotions across.

In general, what I enjoyed:

- I like the "set up" and orientation of everything in your frames. It looks very interesting and organized; not at all messy. Plus, it matches the sort of "feel" you seem to be going for.

- I actually enjoy the Hebrew dub; the language barrier makes the sound all the more interesting to listen to, especially with its humorous inflections and anecdotes. It's refreshing out of the largely English-dubbed flashes on Newgrounds.

- I love your characters' expressions!

- You color and draw very well, and definitely have a very distinct style that you have made your own.

- I loved the sort of "self pity" guitar at the end; it sort of captures the mood of blogs in general -- very personal yet so public, which sort of creates a "woe is me, look at my life and things that interest me in my sometimes not so interesting world" type feeling (if that makes sense).

I can't think of anything I didn't like, other than possibly having added more blog entries! However, sometimes short and sweet and to the point is good just as well!

Overall, great job, and I can't wait to see more of your stuff.

Oh, blogs.

Not quite personal diaries.

I enjoyed this very much.

I enjoyed this. :)
You did very well, because even though you would think a language barrier would cause a problem, it doesn't.
To me, this is because of your animation and voice-acting. You put the emotion/"exaggerations" in the right places, and the animation adds to that by making it easier to understand. The animation, I suppose, being the other visual-aid besides the subtitles.

I hope to see another one of these someday! :)