Reviews for "Blogsies 01"

I am sexy!

Wow, this was something that was really a new experiment, even for you. I know nothing about how to speak Hebrew, but it was still cool to watch and it had subtitles. The best thing was how these are all real. It is always interesting to find out what people are feeling deep down in their hearts and minds. I guess it might be an invasion of privacy but people choose to create blogs like that. It seems like Israel is a country that you hear about all the time but you know little about it.

I imagine it would be something like this, as it seems like standard human nature. Everyone has their own goals about how they relate to other countries. In fact, that is somewhat what I am doing right now by writing this! I hope those people find love and ambition wherever their dreams take them. Are you going to make this into a series?

wow dude

wow woow my eyes a felled with joy i loved it so much man awesome job wooooow so good wooooowwww wowowow awesome


I dont get it



full points yet again.

I didn't think the lack or inclusion of subtitling was a big problem since you can get that in you-tube as the feature anyway. This flash just makes it easier to read since its right on the screen and you don't have to make your eyes jump up and down in you-tube to read and see at the same time.

Fun stuff man. Keep it going!


I think the hewbrew makes it funnier.

It's like Israel's answer to Dot Dot Dot.