Reviews for "Blogsies 01"

I am SEXY!!!

Awesome work! At first, I didn't think it be that great because I'm not a follower of the whole Facebook thing, but once Amelie showed up with her manly voice, I was laughing my ass off! The animation really added to the terrific voicework, and having it in Hebrew was a great touch! I'd love to see more of these.

Keep up the great work!

Love it.

The fact that it's in Hebrew makes it all the better-- since it's a language I (obviously) don't understand-- the ridiculousness of it all hits a little harder.

That girl should really look into purchasing a Hypnotoad.

I am SEXY!

Really fun, the language didn't bother me.


and now,i can full heartedly say that semen is gross.

Folks are Folks

Regardless of what country they're from, the internetz helps us all come together, and realize we're all just...really boring people.

Minor gripe ... you were talking so fast, it was hard to read the subtitles and watch the animation at the same time.