Reviews for "Dead Space Invaders"

Are you kidding me?

How does this get popular? Not just this game but many very bad games. There is no reason to give this a good score! It is WAY too short, WAY to bad, and just bad in general. It gets a 1 only for nice graphics. The idea , game play, all lazy! Stop looking for reasons to give it 10's, 8's, or even 5's, and realize this game is TERRIBLE! There is no inside meaning to these games, except that it is not worth your time!


it's like space invaders with godmode

Wtf. that in my opinion doesnt even deserves 2

And how the hell whis is liked by the most people. If u know how to program games in flash this takes 5 minutes or less to make the game (even plus with the animations). Not lazy but super lazy. Maybe the fire animation was cool but... It's noobmade game and so on. :/

Was that it?

Why arn't there more levels?
Or at least more waves.
I'm disapointed.
I liked the blood and zapping the arms and legs off though, thats great.

More levels?

I lol'd, made me wanna play both dead space and space invaders again.
liked that u could remove limbs.