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Reviews for "The Underrated Art Collab"

Uh no,i hate AD,S!

Again,i click in the ad,i don,t like help peoples earn money easy >=(
But this arts is very good,and i did make a hentai art =9

BanglaBoy96 responds:

lol XD thanks for the 10/10 anyway


awesum art.... or something :D

BanglaBoy96 responds:

:p Thanks XD

Nice collab art =9

I got almost all medals,where is the secret?

BanglaBoy96 responds:

you wanna know?



I Never Expected This From You Guys!!!

Most of you only create flashes like Button Games or Freedom of Tacos, but this was far from my expectations. I couldn't believe you guys did this collab, for this is the awesomest art collab I've ever seen on Newgrounds. The music was calm and soothing which helped us to observe the art others created. I cannot believe ever CaOmDaYn joined it, for he is mostly criticizing your work. The preloader image was a great way to start the collab. The medals are easy to get. There are 11 in total and there is almost no challenge in finding them except the secret one. The first 9 you get by searching all of the artists. Then, visit the credits for another medal. The final medal is the secret medal. You earn it by going to the Others artist and find the art titled Ultimate Poster. Then, click on Stalin (he will have a box around him) to earn the secret medal. Decky's art was very artistic. My favorite ones were the "Funky Punky Bird" and the "Dragon." CaOmDaYn's art was very war-like and cool. My favorite one was the "An indecisive Mind." ViCisBiC was a very good sketcher for women and I enjoyed the Lady Gaga image. Silent Trinity was also a very good sketcher for women. Whytrose14's art was very cartoonish and I liked how he drew Alien Hominid from Newgrounds. Uberlarry was a very random artist, because he drew a lot of random things but they were very creativly named. Sunshinedafox's art was all my favorites except Imperfect Cell, for it looks a bit too ugly. Boredouttamymind's art was basically women. Demon Daryn's art was creative, but it was always too close or it was awesome face with two pikachu ears sticking out. Choco-Block basically did no art at all except some map printout and some random Orange things. Pkmn2's art was creative, but I think there could be more than just bomberman art. CartoonWarStudios basically drew himself twice, once in color, once in sketch. RockOn12's art was only a guitar dude, Shabbo only drew a strange space whale, MikeyS9607 only submitted his ultimate poster, and LilSelena only drew the Devil May Cry girl. Totally, these artists did a pretty awesome job and I hope a sequel will be coming. You should be proud of yourself BanglaBoy96! This is the best work I've seen you do so far and I hope this improvement continues! Keep up the amazing work on these awesome flashes and one day, your medals will be aproved and you'll get a front page! Don't give up and Keep up the Great Work!!!

BanglaBoy96 responds:

Thanks for a thoughtful review! I won't give up

LOL should have posted the newer ones... xD

I hope we can do this again~!

BanglaBoy96 responds:

:D Of course