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Reviews for "The Underrated Art Collab"

fuck this game dude


Wow I have to say that was pretty nice with all the art and the medals was a nice little touch on this too the medals were not hard at all and the art was amazing so really nice game here with all the interactivity so with that said I dont think any changes are needed with this fine game of yours.

I dont think any changes are needed with this fine game


It seems like good start to art... but its long way that most of that drawnings will look really good. Now its rather like made by student during boring lessons at shool.
Secret is click on head someone who like send people to gulag

Very good art. Sadly, some of the artists don't have accounts anymore or went AWOL.

For those looking for the secret medal, 2 tips:
1- Try looking for something that don't belong in a specific place.
2- Think about food. Or, should I say, *lack* of food.

last but not least...

WHERE IS SAZA?????????????????

good, but how do i get the secret medal?