Reviews for "MvC3: Megaman"

I would be mad too

If someone took me out of a game I would be pissed at them and kill them all!

I'm making a cartoon about mega man killing capcom and stuff! plz don't still my Idea. I will kill you!! anyway nice animation short I watch it 100 times and its still funny!!!

Fuck you

i thought he was gonna throw a big fit and go all diva but that was way funnier than any rant. it seriously cracked me up. Also, CaOmDaYn must not have understood that the rest of the vid wasn't made by you.

Kouga´s opinion

I don´t think anyone saw that coming.

Anyway, i can live with that.

As long as cap. commando, JIN and iron man are there...

Brilliant work, man.


no, no, just...win

megaman you rock