Reviews for "MvC3: Megaman"

Damn :P

I gotta say that one made me laugh the hardest out of them all, Good job. :P

If only the game designers see this...

Short and straight to the point. No wonder so many Megaman fans are mad about this game!

Short, sweet, and to the point.

When I heard that they were taking out Megaman for the new game, I thought that they were feeding me shit-cakes! They put in Modok, and take out megaman!!?? I hear your pain Rockman/Megaman fans. Peace.


I can agree with this flash! Why have Zero and Tronne, but no form of Megaman whatsoever?

You're not alone on this bro.

I want to find the idiot who ruled out Zero over Megaman at once!

Not much to say about the flash other then...Really Capcom?