Reviews for "MvC3: Megaman"

Seriously tho...

I so fuckin got it the first time around. I swear if megaman isnt atleast an upcomming DLC, then there goes a portion of MvC's fanbase demographic

2 thumbs up

Short, sweet, and to the point, as most of us agrees. I think that they should've put him in, but keep Zero.

Btw, is that Dragonforce I hear in the background?

short and simple

It's a short animation but if you get the joke it is pretty funny
Why did they pick zero???

Round 2

The best thing about this was probably the bgm...and even that was rudely interrupted by the animation, which was going okay, but its short, not even witty, and thus in my opinion a double face palm.
Waste of time.


Brilliant, I laughed so damn hard!