Reviews for "MvC3: Wolverine"


This was great BUBS!


@ Nosmiles
this is a parody of wolverine and its just funny plus there a re more than three of these there is 5 i think These are ;Hulk ,Iron Man, Captain America,Wolverine,Mega Man

This is superb keep up the good work Luis and you too Stamper!

The people have spoken

If 9900 out of 10000 said this thing is funny then it is funny....if you don't find it funny then maybe there is a problem with you

The Worst

By far the worst of the three. If you're going to do a Wolverine parody, at least, you know...parody Wolverine.

Totally loved this

Rofl-ed in my mind when he went 'Ching Ching'.
Mainly this is funny if the people watching actually know about the game.
Smooth animation, good voice acting, and amazing humor.
Face in Two Palms