Reviews for "MvC3: Wolverine"

10 either way

want to see a capcom version of this


The Wolverine theme in MvC3 sounds very close to the Power Ranger theme! AND I APROVE!!!!

PS. this vids pretty cool to :D

We need more of these...

loved it, on par with all the others. I think we could use some Capcom ones. At the very least Ryu. Maybe throw in Dante? :3


this is the best of the couple!

You guys make this game seem M rated....

i have the game and im still desterbed.....thats why i quit every time i fight wolverine with felicia.....shes to epic to be made fun of.....

and why was there no capcom character movies i love campcom

my favorite was captain americas lol
i said campcom!! LMFAO