Reviews for "MvC3: Iron Man"

Johnny fuckin Utah

I've been followin your shit for a long time and i gotta say, you just keep getting funnier!

love your stuff man, keep it comin

JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks broski

Needs more girls.

Loved the animation, loved the content. If it had more girls, I'd rate this 11/10.
A lot of the newer animations seek to imitate this humour and fail miserably. It is probably best for other animator/storywriters to just focus on telling something rather than trying to make people laugh.

That, or perhaps my humour is now dated and this clip is 'old humour'?
If so, then I prefer to stick to the old humour rather than the cheesy, try-hard animations I see nowadays.

Thanks for making me laugh JohnnyUtah.

JohnnyUtah responds:

thanks for the review chief, i promise to stick to my dry, old humor :)

lolz this is funny and stupid at the same time

and how in the hell did this make me horny thats werd and i have a secret i am the creator of happy thee frends

lol when he said he was into dead girls, he had a shovel

Wait... When he talks about the dead girls...
He's standing there with a shovel? Like... He digs them? Both literally and metaphorically?

JohnnyUtah responds:

I only meant he likes dead girls LITERALLY, but hey if you wanna make me sound smarter than I am, I won't stop you buddy