Reviews for "MvC3: Iron Man"


XD I laughed way too hard from this one. My favorite out of the three.

YEHHHH Jhonny returns!!!

Hey DUDE long time no see you but, we were expecting your material since a long time ago. Tony Stark Talking? O rite.

I hope that you retur to your regular showbiz, we miss you dude.

Oh, man.

This is my tenth time watching this today and numerous times yesterday (lost count after 25). It never gets old.

Hands down best out of all three.

freaking hilarous

the best of the MvC3 ones. great art and really funny without being overly in your face crude.

See review.

I'm not surprised that I find JohnnyUtah's MVC3 "commerical" to be the funniest so far. Even though it was short as hell, I loved the humor of Tony Stark being a horndog. Great job as always, Johnny! My only gripe is that I was hoping you could have thrown a dirty joke about She-Hulk in there.