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Reviews for "The Social Noobwork"

Just like the real social network.

Also, my horoscope says I'll be rich this year.

Right on

This is why I deleted my facebook page. Nice animations, might you be doing one about twitter and/or myspace?

DariusR responds:

probably not because i haven't used them enough to understand the ins and outs.

Sums up Facebook!

Pretty much how my Facebook experience is!
Great animation by the way as well.


Same here, i get so friggin pissed off with people saying "LoL i Fink ill haf sum towst! :D" NOBODY GIVES A FUCK YOU STUPID BITCH D:<.


We all know that what keeps facebook going is a bunch of lameass retards. WTF i dont even know how people get excitement from farmville and others like "omg i got a fertilizer (nobody cares)" or "I got you a cheese ingredient! (nobody cares)" But its all going to end soon, but we're not sure. I mean you get tired of seeing someone posting something that nobody doesnt even know what you are talking about and only the same old friends comment.

This is a great animation , but it could use voices. Nice facebook music though.

DariusR responds:

my voice actor was a lazy shit and I couldn't do all the voices myself so D: but hopefully next time.