Reviews for "Batman Loves Catwoman"

You sir, are a genius. I love the humor you used in this.

JayCurren responds:

Thanks for the awesome review :D I've never been called a genies arse before :)


lol thats sooo funny man, really original i have no clue how you would of cum up with this... its really nasty sounding when he cums like some just got ripped in half.
and the song was funny all of this is nice man lol

JayCurren responds:

Thanks for the awesome review :) It gives me pleasure to know that i've given you pleasure ;)

Mmm, Catwoman.

Anne Hathaway is playing Catwoman in The Dark Knight Rises. I loved the song at the end, it was almost better than the flash!

JayCurren responds:

Thanks for the great comment, everyone seems to really like the song and I was gonna keep it out as I had to rush it! But I'm glad I didn't now :)


Well...actually it was something more like a "HAW HAW HAW!!" ÜBERCOOL!!!!
although it looks as though it didn't take you long, the concept is really cool!!... and F&%$·/) Hilarious!


While I gotta admit that the best part was the credits song, Robin is pretty gay so yeah.

Nice to see that Batman and I fantasize about the same th- wait... fuck.