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Reviews for "Fishos"

ya know?

it pissed me off so i cheated. nice thinking putting that button there. i absolutely love the ending, so here are some points!




i passed by larger fish and they ate me i tried it 3 times, i got bored and i cheated, the game sucks so much that i had fun when i cheated

my god that was terrible!

but i liked it :p (why the hell did i like it? all i did was cheat)

easy 10


The game itself is ok. It's simple, but the graphics are a bit poor.
And please PLEASE use spell check before post something.
The grammar is bad. A simple firefox spell check can help alot.

I hte to give this a bad rating, but those damn blue fish. That sound they make is sooooo annoying. Still, it's a simple little game, and I love the ending.
"We're so proud". BE PROUD IN MH BELLY!
Revenge is a dish best served soking wet.
Pretty nice game.