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Reviews for "Fishos"


I didn't like the cheat button

I enjoyed Fishos.

Very simple play, yet very challenging!
It seems that most don't enjoy a game unless they can dominantly defeat it quickly.
I don't enjoy hacks and cheats, as that simply overrides the purpose of gaming!
Great job Murrput. Hope to see more from you soon!

Cheating Button

"You eated the world and your folks!" -> "You ate .. "

The cheating button was a nice idea .

The fish are blocks

the game uses very simple fish sprites and block hit detection. unfortunately that means around each fish is an invisible rectangle and if they collide its game over.
it was marginally humorous though, so 2 stars :-)

haha everyone on here cheats...oh wait

so did i.....damn....oh well...i dont see how this was frontpage material but hey nice job gettin it there...