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Reviews for "Fishos"

It's Alright

The game itself is kinda addicting, but I think that its a little messed up when I don't actually touch the bigger fish and I die... I mean I was like a half of inch away from it, that's why its a low score otherwise pretty basic but fun game for a little while.


this game has everything...

just bad

horribe, dum, and if you cheat its to dam easy. better luck next time.

Seriously,guy,let's become crazy...this game is aw

Yeah,this game is awesome!Did you see?The fishes are self-made!But the f.ck.n' music is really boring!But I love the lovely paper fishes <3.The author is a beginner,forgive him


thoughtless story, but for the gameplay, you don't really need a reason to eat fish smaller than yourself other than the same basic instinct that anyone can understand.

of course, my major problem is that you ripped off Super Mario Bros. music. That's just plain lazy. yeah, i noticed some filters in there to spice it up, but it's SMB (world 2-2 and other underwater stages).