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Reviews for "Fishos"

By grishfish

Dear Polonium 2:
the music is from super Mario's underwater levels. Please think before you speak, because you will, and have, said something dumb.
thank you, Grishfish.

Parden me now for the real review:
As far as idea goes this has certainly done many times before. I appreciate however, that this was not a serious game and more of a joke.
The graphics did go well with the feel of the game: Not overly serious and very simple.
Everything worked as it should as far as programming and button pressing goes. The length of the game was not an issue for me and i actually did enjoy playing it.

I suppose i better wrap this up:
The presentation was well done, the sound was fine, and the game looked good. I will give it an 8. While there was not really any major issues that lowered the over all score, this was just simply a game not worthy of a 10.

am i still awake

this game is just covering space someone please delete it. No graphics , no action just a fish eating fish, the ideea is good but the work is careless


I like eating games make some more PLZ.

do mine ears deceive me?

If I am very much mistaken, the music is the SURF music from Pokemon? O.o

It is quite short and needs more levels or different type of fish, i got a little bored looking at the same colours. however the ending made me laugh, so 7/10


if this is the first game that you made the good job, otherwise this is old and repetitive add some new twists, if u want to continue this game type, like i don't know, maybe power ups or unlock-ables like cloths or something. better luck next time.