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Reviews for "Fishos"

Stamp of Approval

Cheat checkbox FTW. XD

It's a funny game with interesting and well done graphics. I love the music. -_^ Pretty sure I've heard it somewhere before. XD The only thing that would have made it better was some hilarious voiceover.

Front page was definitely deserved. Congrats~!


Simple little game good for a laugh with some nice style.

Needs a bit of work.

This game does feel a bit rushed. It could be a lot better.
Could of added more colors to the fish.
Could make the music repeat so you don't get left in a dead silence later on.
And collision detection needs a lot of work. I die when I'm not even touching the other fish and that's BS.
All in all, this game isn't deserving of more than a 5.
Now if you came back in the future and did more work on this, then maybe I'd rate higher, other wise no.
Good game though.

Lol nice

More games need a "cheat" checkbox when you die. After using it, I did beat it foreals, but it was a fun game, albeit simple. I do think you could have a nice background, and maybe some fancy voiceovers?

People, they said It's like Fishy

Yeah, Murrput said what game it's like so it's going to be a lot like that game. There was no ripping off if they give credit. I did like it, the sound was a little annoying but made it funny paired with the face. Great job, it's my new class time killer.