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Reviews for "Luminiscense"

fine story, but

why would the bomb empty fields?

noone could hide in open fields...

Yehaa finally something more serious

The backgrounds and atmosphere were brilliantly done. And it seems to be an interesting start for good story in the future. I was so impressed by the overal quality that the the sometime low framerate ( use of a low number of indipendent frames for rather complex animations ) used in the animation of the characters didnt bother me at all.

The only thing that doesnt make this a 10/10 movie is weird storyplacement. When the 1940 sign showed up, I expected the planes to fly over them and destroy an yet unseen town or something of the sort. In woII there had been several cases in which bombers had to drop their payload in order to maintain altitude or preserve fuel in order to make it. But these were rare and last measure events and only done by actual bombers instead of a fighter carrying a tactical bomb. So its unclear to me why a whole squadron of fighters would bomb these 2 people in a empty field other than simple product placement.
Which is a shame.

Design was good...

I give you high marks for design and voices, not to mention score selection. But I kind of furrow my brow when I try to imagine why the Luftwaffe would bomb a rural area. Anyway, it's still enough to interest me, and I'm wondering if the sequel will include a supernatural element.

The story is so touching,but some flaws ruined it.

The story is Luminiscense is a story in France 1940 where a couple named Chase and April, they talked about destiny.

Until then, airplanes started nuking the land, April fell and they blew up.
When the black dramatic fadeout effect has stopped, Chase found a stick on the ground with some cloth and some blood. Did April died? She just lost a few drops of blood.

The movie is only about 2 minutes long, where mostly dramatic effects and talk surely drags you in the story, and it's so touching it makes you want more,but some flaws ruined it.

The graphics are sketchy, I like it, but the animation motion is a bit too idle. Like moving toys floating and grass blocking your feet so you won't see the floatingness.

Overall, the story Luminiscense brings a lesson.

One: Love is so powerful it beats up bastards

Two: Bastards kill couples so they can get ****ing monkeys,or money.... Same thing.

The story wasn't really made for everyone, if it was at least rated T, it would make more sense. Just because April lost a little blood doesn't mean shes dead, so she isin't dead... Right?

At least make it more intense, so you can put more stuff in it.

The movie was very touching, the story really takes you in for a great lesson.



-1 Choppy Animation
-1 Some parts didn't made sense (April died? She only lost some blood, kidnapped? What??)


You have been reviewed by AvascarOnline, and stuff like that.


...spelled luminescence wrong.

Good, but I'd say the running needs the most work.