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Reviews for "Luminiscense"

I love it!

But there is one thing that ruins it for me
And this in the end; 'to be continued'

Why not end it there?
It was a good sad ending showing how harsh those days were

Wow, you're so god-damn close.

Honestly. This would have had a much more dramatic effect on me (and let me tell you, it still did,) had the bombers begun bombing the view slowly (instead of a huge explosion.) Also, having them chase the people with bombs just... I don't know what to say. It's a little strange for planes to hunt down 2 people with bombs. I would have rather had them start running while the planes were still bombing the scene, and have them take shelter underneath an uprooted tree or something. Then you could place them watching as one of the bombers drops a bomb on the field they were just on and they hold each other tight. Then: Boom. A bomb is dropped 10-15 feet from them and they black out. And yes, when the guy wakes up it can continue as planned.

Just saying, the above would have enhanced the experience and gotten rid of that 'the world is trying to get us for some illogical reason' that really just upset the mood. :\ What I mean is, I don't want the two people to be a protagonist force, just collateral damage. That makes a bit more sense, I think.

Pretty good

I like the direction this plot can go, but this one didn't hit the sentimental nerve.

This is me just being picky, but the germans have to reason to be dive bombing the shit out of an empty field and a bomb that size would have blown them BOTH into very little meat bits.

Artistic, intense, and fascinating!

I loved every bit of this! Only problem I found was the bloodline on his face clipped and didn't seem to quite fit with the artistic motif. Can't wait to see more!

Amazing... simply amazing. It is definitely a downer and it brings you back to the "real world." The realities of war, are a tragedy no matter from which angle you view them.