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Reviews for "Luminiscense"

nice work

although im not usually a fan of serious flashes, i appreciate the thought and skill that went into this. my only issue is a minor one concerning sound - i suggest you lower the music volume a little and increase the volume of the voices, as although the dialogue was still understandable, the volume levels were slightly off and a bit distracting.
also, keep in mind that if youre playing background music and you want to cut it off abruptly for a dramatic effect (such as when the bomb that kills the woman goes off), you need to be sure that it cuts at the crescendo or climax of the musical piece. if it cuts off at an arbitrary point, it just feels like the sound dropped out accidentally, instead of having been cut purposefully to signify an intense moment. know what i mean?

The biggest 'Fuck you' for a 'To be continuned'

You did so very well! It's incredible, true and sensitive!
You did almost perfect (the music was well chosen, but a little too loud) and it's going into my favorites.

The drawing was good, the voices were good, the music was well chosen (I said that before, I know but the music is incredible) and the title fits good!

9/10 5/5

Keep it up!

Well done!

Good animations and voice acting. The soundtrack was amazing too....but why would these bombers drop their bombs on an empty field ^^? Well, whatever i'll give you a 9 for that.

It's Illuminating

It's a very beautiful looking piece the backgrounds and colors all are amazingly beautiful. The characters are drawn well though I think you could have done a little better on animating them when they moved but they didn't come close ruin a good short movie. Their dialogue was well written (maybe a little corny but fit the mood), and you got some good voice actors to play them. And the music worked well too. Work on making the characters a little more animated and it'll be golden. Beautiful short piece can't work to see it continued.

really good. =)

the art, soundtrack and characters were great(this is from someone who never did a flash movie/game before) but why are the German bombers attacking an empty countryside(unless there was a military base, airfield or factory there)? still giving u a 9 though.