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Reviews for "Luminiscense"

Very Emotional!

The music really help set the mood, and the sudden change of it all as the bombers fly in really made an impact on me! I can't wait to see moar!

Whoa, a WWII story in newgrounds?

I didnt know artists told WWII stories in this site. Either that or your the first. Im impressed. I supose that it will be a story purely based on this past event? Or will you slowly turn it into a science fiction?
Whatever you choose, you got me hooked-- can't wait to see the next video. This is going right into my favorites. Good luck.


you inspire me to animate... but my animations suck :(

I love the message

Eradicate the French! Good job!


I love it when I find something here that's more artistic and intense then funny. When "1940 France" appeared on the screen that was a twist I was not expecting, but this became really powerful at that moment. Your story might be short but its up there on the emotional scale with some of the best WW2 stories they show on HBO. I loved the animation, the voices were clear and powerful, and the sound effects were great. I hope the continuance does this first half justice.