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Reviews for "Luminiscense"

Very Emotional!

The music really help set the mood, and the sudden change of it all as the bombers fly in really made an impact on me! I can't wait to see moar!

stylish, moving and well made

i was hesitant at first but quickly pulled in

i totally thought it was some cutesy thing then the bombers came, nice twist, i genuinely cannot wait to find out what happens, that a rarity for me, well done, keep up the good work


you inspire me to animate... but my animations suck :(

Oh Snap! But one thing...

Amazing animation! You have serious talent my friend. However, if you're looking for constructive criticism my only suggestion is this: Try to make the movement a bit more realistic. With the amazingly detailed and well drawn environment and characters I understand how hard it must be to make it perfect, however at times the movement of the characters seems either a tad too choppy or smooth, like in the running scene. Don't let my comment discourage you, it is just a suggestion and the main reason that I put this much time into this is because I believe you can truly go places as an artist. Again fantastic job.

Ps. A good job to you too voice actors!

keepwalking responds:

yeah, the running part (like when they run towards the camera) was extremely difficult to do. I will try to do it better next time :)


I was absolutely compelled by this animation. I've never really been into any form of history aside from Japanese history from the early 8th Centruy to the late 19th Century, during the existence of the Samurai.

Ah, but I digress. Not the style or quality of animation that I'm used, but, good nonetheless. I hope to see more's on the way.