Reviews for "Rebuild"

Ok here we go

bla bla bla awsome,bla bla addicting bla bla hard at hard mode like i want it,bla bla make a sequel bla bla.

Seriously make a second one and add some tweaks.For example if i want to take a Mall then i should use MANY soldiers because malls would have hundreds of Zeds.The texts were amazing and the music fit.

Best game of it's genre

What i like about this game is that it's believable. When something happens it is actually written down in the journal like it actually happened, making the game much more fun to play.

Pure Evil

So evil in fact, that it kept me up waaay to late because I just had to finish the d*** thing.

Nice play though.


I wouldn't say it's addictive game It's a unique and fun game. You have hit the target right in the center, and therefor I give 10 out of 10 =)

I hope to see a similar game to this, or a continue. With a better graphics and animation.

O my god

this is such an awesome game that I played it out on every different way. ( city house, pentagram park etc ) Jesus christ, this game was so cool man the names of the guys who lived in 'my' town where so cool! I had one named Kerrigan and Ace McNee and 'Jalapeno' Flavo. The last guy killed the most and was like one of the first 5 soldiers I had. Man this game let me feel like a 10 years old again :D Man I feel so delightful now I played it out!

This game is so awesome I have to add it to my favorites. Damn so funny and cool game but so simply made too. Flawless in every way. You deserve more than a 10. More like 100/10

I'm so glad NG got so many 'cool' games now. I was afraid it was getting downwards with the quality, but then I saw this.

Hahaha well thank you sir. Really. Fucking awesome.