Reviews for "Rebuild"


I played this for a few hours. This game had a great and and implemented it perfectly.

It would be awesome if you made a second part, but with more random events/side quests/little easter eggs.

real good game, please give us a sequel

I've been trying games out on ng for long years now. The thing with game like your's is balance between sufficient variety of features and straight forwardness. You did it great: the game is simple and fun, and long and enduring.
Great job really, the text is nice, you got caracters, game allows for strategy and imagination...
So you've done such a great job that you don't have to make a sequel. But, we would love it so much!
Maybe we could shoot some zombies during attacks? (without being any more powerful than any soldier); some kind of zombie spawn rate? Maybe bandit bases to wage some war ?
Eventully some code to randomise tiles and stuff like that an be imaged.
So in short, tx for a great game, don't hesitate to make a sequel if you feel like it, we want MOAR REBUILDING!

The Sim City of zombie games

Nice new angle on the zombie genre and horribly addictive. I've barley gone outside these last few days. Anybody else get a scavenger named "Moses" and train him to be a leader?


This game is really fun. Excellent job

Best game ... ever

This is a great game - very very addicting and very replayable. I have been playing it on and off for months now. Some of the suggestions in other reviews are great for a sequel - would love to see more depth, tile types, perhaps more than 1 area, or bigger maps, more specialisations and more buildings, plus streamlining how you put people to work/defend would be good too, but all of these are suggestions on how to make it even better, not critcisms of this game.

Question though - has anyone managed to beat this on Harder? I can beat normal easily and on hard too, but on harder I can only get so far (60 or 70 turns) and I think this time it's going to be different, it's going well and then everything goes to hell. Once you start losing people on harder, that's it, it's game over, whether it's quick or slow, you can't then get it back (or I haven't managed too anyway). On the harder levels you have to be much more aggressive and expand and try and get as many defensive structures as possible, but you also need to research etc and I can't seem to balance everything at the pace you need to go - if I have hospitals, enough workers and enough soldiers, I can't get a school going as well and I can't be gathering food and recruiting - you need to have all of those bases covered all of the time, and I don't seem to have enough time to do everything on harder.

Has anyone managed to beat the game on harder, and if so how the hell did you do it!?!