Reviews for "Rebuild"

Very Cool

I don't really play that many Flash games anymore, but I've been playing this all afternoon and the only reason I'm stopping is to do homework!

First thing I have to say is that the visuals could be improved a fair amount. The town looks really nice, but it would definitely help improve the game to vary the fight scenes and make them look better. That being said, I like the art of the buildings and stuff.

A second suggestion would be to identify a difference between Safe-ish and "Clear".
Another suggestion is to vary the reports scouts bring back.
My last suggestion is to have different icons for male and female survivors, because it's a bit unsettling to see a manly character icon named Mary.

All that being said, this was one of the most fun computer games I've played in years and I would be truly disappointed if a sequel is not in the future.

Great Game

Gameplay was straightforward yet enjoyable, there was a compelling story, and the a lot of variability in how the player plays the game.
All-in-all, one of the best I've ever played on NG.
Games like this give Flash gaming a good name.
*thumbs up*


really good game

I love this game,ive been playing for hours!

Im not sure if this suggestion has already been suggested and if its already in the game(lol) but if there was a list or way to check how many and what buildings you have in your control(its hard to remember that you have a school in a far far corner of the map).i hope that youll have a sequel,and in the sequel there will be more units,buildings dialogue -it repeats-(i cant expect endless dialog anyway) but the dialogue thats there is good) and more options for the buildings that already exist(i cant do anything with a hospital,and i only need one since its effect is passive,so extra ones are useless.Adding a feature so you could name every single one of your people would you be fun too.i hope there might be more variety in the terrian if you decide to follow up in the game.this game is really fun,im glad i tried it out!

This is awesome!

Please make a sequel because this is a very fun and addicting game