Reviews for "Rebuild"


this game is so addicting and fun i cant stop playing it! the only thing i've got to complain about though is that you cant fight the zombies directly.

ways it could improve

well maybe if there is a sequel you could make it more interactive to the point where you can go on the missions or watch the progress


game ruined my life.... and i thank you for that

Truly great game

I think the amount of interest and views generated by this game says it all, really: a nigh-on perfect flash game. Actually reminds me very much of X-Com Apocalypse, one of my favourite games in high school, but has less action, rpg elements and monster detail.

Sounds bad, but I mean this as a positive thing as the tradeoff is for beautiful simplicity. There are really no extra or redundant features at all in this game, every aspect of it serves to enhance the gameplay and the pace is fast and snappy. I'm sure lots of people have ideas of how to expand a sequel, or to add more cool stuff but I really think that anything else would just slow the game down, get in the way.

Difficult. (I regret playing on 'normal' difficulty first as it takes pretty much all the challenge out of the game. Maybe make 'hard' the default, or remove 'easy' altogether?) Balancing food production and scavenging, population growth and accommodation, all the while zombie-culling and defending your base takes a lot of planning, thought and more than a little luck.

Kept me up two nights already, I'm anticipating at least a couple more. And dreams of zombies. Thankyou, 10/10.

One technical question: does anyone have any idea of how the number of zombies attacking the base is calculated? Just directly adjacent lots, diagonals, or further? I don't know which base shape is best.

day 192..

morale:25% Survivors:26 Food:74 i don`t know where to turn.the surrounding areas of my fort are being turned into red zones.extremely hazardous.if i send in like,more than 2 soldiers and leave everybody at the police station to defend,we lose another square.it`s now the point where i just click the next day button.i only managed to get out by a few squares in every direction,1 to 2 or 3 in each area.it`s almost like a real outbreak.it`s put me on the brink.it used to be "attacked?please." to "please let me survive this wave." and the difficulty?on easy.it just gets gradually harder to survive the hordes.happiness nosediving,survivors dying.i had to turn the hospital to a church for morale and then a guy died of pneumonia.seriously,hard game.too hard for me at this rate,i don`t wanna go back and play it now.a deduction of 2 stars.