Reviews for "Rebuild"

Pretty Cool Game

The game was pretty cool I gotta say. Never was really dull and the fact I got to day 137 and was still trying to fight for survival shows that it's a good game.


That was 2 hours of epicness

Hard was a pretty mean bitch at first, but it gets easier.
Still beating Harder, that is one motherf***er.

Oh right, I need to post something constructive.
GAMEPLAY: 9/10. Thoroughly enjoyed all 2 hours of the first playthrough. The best turn-based I've played in a while. You could have made it longer though, by allowing us to rid of the Zed in other towns. The other endings added replayability to the game.

MUSIC: 9/10. Authentically creepy and eerie. Very fitting for this genre. It does get very repetitive though...

ART: 9/10. I thought it was pretty interesting art style. Then I realised all the buildings were the same looking when it came to one type. A varied palette of colours would have been very interesting indeed. The buildings look very bland once you are done reclaiming the town.

OVERALL: 9/10. A very fantastic game, to say the least. Well done! Hope you will make similar games, or other improvements.

yesss thanks

best game ever holy shit please make a sequel

I loved this game with all my heart <3

I played the entire thing in a 5 hour play through.
I was at my friends place smokin an L and I notcied this zombie shit, so I thought, hey,lets give it a shot. I played it for two hours staight. Then I hsd to go home to eat some disgusting dinner my piece of shit dad made. Then came back to my boys crib with a bottle of whiskey and we took a few shots while smoking this crisp 30piece of chronic. Then I continued exactly where I left from before, I first had to expand my city to massive size t prepare. My army was massive, 70% of my citizens were soldiers.

Uhhhh shit im fuckin twisted,

This game was amazing, I beat every ending in a single playthrough and I am a king, worship me because I am a better gamer then you stupid newfags. Internet 1.0 status faggots!!!



first of all this game makes me mad because my towns happyness is vanishing and my people keep dying and it keeps gett'n my name wrong, it called me null. but in all it a good game.