Reviews for "Danny the Crab - Valentines Day"

you wish danny

lol so funny how love part than bam birdy comes!


poor danny, good animation. I like the humor that you demonstrated.
~power to the pikmin

flash back......

mary is that you (Danny waving) nom ahhhhh!!!


I remember you responding to a review I posted on Danny the Crab... you said "I would rather not have danny looking like a snarling cock..." lol that was my brothers drawing... if you take another look i actually have one I did in 5 minutes... P: just wanted to let ya know...

RageNineteen responds:

Ah I see now. Well played.


This made my day, and it is 7:25 am :P

I never know what to expect from your cartoons. They always caught me off guard and this one is no exception. I think that the animation on the lizard could have been better, but this is not actually meant to look good. It is meant to make us laugh and you have succeeded.