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Reviews for "Gooture"


lol, i liked the parts where Weebel told Bob had the toilets on HIS side. And it's like Back To The Future.


Okay, I'll be serious. It did'nt make laugh as much as the others. In fact, I don't laugh much at weebl and bob anymore. Watch if you are a fan of the series, but seek the others if you're new. It's actually nothing too new for the series, to be honest. The series is starting to show it's age.

Odd, but awesome

I always find these Goo egg promotional things you do odd, but I love them none the less.

well done

this one was actually above your usual par! and that's a big bar to jump

Truely a work of art!

The storyline was great and the comedy was even better! I cracked up like a Creme Egg in the end!