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Reviews for "Gooture"

Carmen Miranda!

We're going back to the future, oh what fun
Look out fella, you just kissed your mom
You're now to disappear in *far and beyond*
This is one of them melancholic tales

TheWeebl responds:

Close but no cigar.

last two lines should be:

Now your hands are disappearing (oh not me hands!)
This is one of them allegorical tales.

Instant Ten

Cadbury Creme Eggs WeebLized. Not only is this hilarious it's just fucking awesome.

Best in the series!

This was an awesome cartoon and I am very surprised that it does not have a higher rating. I really hope this wins Daily Feature or something higher. I guess ZekeySpaceyLizard is only going to collaborate with TheWeebl from now on? I was thinking this would be a more recent movie, but it was still great. The animation is absolutely fantastic and I loved the sheer number of funny background events that were going on. I noticed there was JCPinny's that had a sign about hamsters in the morning there (It originally said, "Twin Pines Mall").

It seems like the full title should have been, "Back To The Gooture" as listed here. I loved seeing the figures in the background, like Genghis Khan, Abraham Lincoln, a penguin, etc. The funniest part was the comment at the end about the toilets. Now that I think about it, cars probably have been around longer than shopping carts. Two of my favorite contributors can simply not go wrong!


Another job well done! I loved this!


These are always funny and cute.

P.S. The only reson im giving this a 10 is beacuase the voices where pretty good.